Welcome to the Laser Plasmon Project

Laser-Plasmon is a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship targeting to establish laser processing with a focus on laser annealing as a tool for the nanoconstruction of metal and metal / dielectric complexes. It also seeks to create an experimental library of materials and processes that will be suitable for a number of forefront applications.

The main research topic lies on the cutting-edge field of plasmonics. Plasmonics has developed into a rapidly maturing and broad research field, and it is progressively becoming an enabling technology for a number of forefront research areas like photovoltaics, chemical and biological sensing, medical therapy, information technology and others. However the fabrication of plasmonic devices is technically challenged because:

  • a technique for precise control over the plasmon features has not been developed yet;
  • there is an engineering difficulty┬áin delivering sharp nano-sized interfaces between metal and dielectrics; and
  • to date there is a lack of simultaneous atomic-scale control and large-scale character; current literature is lacking a systematic experimental study which creates a lack of feedback to technology for successful plasmonic large-scale applications.
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